will: hey, death boy

nico: don't call me like this

will: okay, sunshine

nico: this one ain't better

will: fine, honey

nico: stop it

will: what's wrong, sweetheart

nico: if you try it one more time...

will: but darlin'

nico: i give up

will: well well, amore mio


Since I don’t feel like spending too much effort on these I’ll just submit the sketchy draws from twitter here.

And yes, I was not strong enough to resist Nico and Reyna’s povs….I’m such a weakling.>:C

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Sooo this is what all those wips were for haha
I’ve been lazy tho and haven’t finished the other three missing ones, I’m sorry ;~; Also because I slightly changed my drawing style so anything I draw now will look different from these /:

But yeah, I love pokemon crossovers they’re the best ones ever laskjfd;las

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nico: dad this is my boyfriend will

hades: ...

hades: ....

hades: ..

hades: *sobs*

hades: he's not jackson or grace i love him already